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Jemco Forge - Blade Tongs

Jemco Forge - Blade Tongs

Jemco Forge - Blade TongsJemco Forge - Blade Tongs

These blade tongs are approx. 16 inches in length, made from ½ inch round stock, and finished with paste wax to protect from rust and corrosion. Lightweight and durable, these tongs are designed for productivity and efficiency, allowing easy transitions from forge to anvil. Designed for Knife-smiths, these tongs will allow you to grip the knife in various positions when drawing out the blade. Sturdy, durable and versatile, these tongs will handle a variety of stock thickness from 1/8 to 3/8 inches. Each pair of tongs is joined with a 1/4 inch rivet, which is lubricated and worked until tongs fully articulate with ease. The rounded reins allow for a comfortable grip to prevent hand fatigue. Each pair of tongs are hand forged with pride in the USA. Tongs will be stamped with a touch mark and the appropriate size.

Price: $70.65


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