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Glue-U Shupack

Glue-U Shupack

Glue-U ShupackGlue-U ShupackGlue-U ShupackGlue-U Shupack

Glue-U Shufill is now called Shupack. Shupack hoof packing offers protection, cushioning and support for the hoof sole and is perfect for support of foundered and laminitis cases. Sets in 60 seconds.

Soft A30 can be used with or without pads and offers shock absorption.
Medium A50 and CS A50 are recommended to use with mesh but can be used without.
Firm A60 (Shuguard) can be used on shod or barefoot horses. The support on the sole relieves stress on the wall and improves heel growth.

Price: $24.00

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